Your Bees

Due to the fact that bees are live creatures, we offer no guarantees once the Nucs, bees or queens leave our property.  The bees are inspected daily and are healthy upon purchase.  You are welcome to inspect your Nuc before you take possession.  If there are any problems once you get them home and transfer the frames from the Nuc to the home hive, please fell free to contact us for help.  We are more than happy to give you instructions and guidance in order to have the best possible experience with your hives.   

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Bee and Queen Sales


We offer queens, queen cells, virgin queens, 5 frame nucs, 10 frame hives and frames of brood.  Our  queens are generally available mid to late April, and will be available all summer until the end of September.  They are marked for $2.00 each, and can be picked up most any day of the week, with prior notice.  We ship on Monday and Tuesday only.  Shipping will be quoted prior to purchase.


1 - 9                  $25 each

10 +                  $20 each

Cells $5.00 each  Available every Wednesday

Virgins $10.00 each Available every Friday


Our 5 frame Nucs come in a plastic box that you can keep.  Nucs consist of 2-3 frames of brood and 2 frames of honey and pollen.   Nucs are ready mid to late April, we start taking deposits after Thanksgiving for the following year.   $25.00 deposit

10 Frame hives

Complete 10 frame hive of all drawn comb, bees, and laying queen, ready to make honey.

Migratory plywood top and bottom.  




10 frame medium or shallow supers of drawn comb               $50

Brood by the frame, used to boost a weak hive.

Full frame of sealed brood.