About Us

Who we are.

We are located in Knoxville TN, in the Powell community.  We are a family run business that sells honeybees and hive products.  We currently manage over 200 hives for honey production and 200 nucleus hives for queen/nuc sales.  We raise all of our own bees and queens and also use them to support our operation.  We will continue to grow and improve our business every year.  This is not a hobby or sideline venture.  We are full time beekeepers who make our living with honeybees.

  There is no substitute for authentic local honey. Many companies import and blend their honey from many locations. We sell pure, raw unfiltered honey produced and harvested right here in East Tennessee. We have our own USDA certified honey house/packing facility, and we personally package all of our products. We will stand by our products 100%.